Help your clients manage a crisis.                 

In today’s fast-moving social media environment, every organization exists in a state of pre-crisis. Seemingly minor  issues can quickly escalate to become major reputational threats. Your client’s initial response to a crisis or  litigation situation sets the tone for how others judge them and will have a significant impact on the ultimate  outcome. CSI recognizes the connection between the response to a crisis and potential future litigation and offers  a full range of Crisis and Litigation Communications Services, starting with a seasoned team of crisis and litigation  communications experts who are on-call 24/7 as an additional resource to you and your clients.

It's critical that legal and communications strategies are in sync

CSI's Critical Communications is the link between managing perceptions in the court of public opinion and insulating your client in the courtroom. We harness our expertise in non-verbal communications and psychology-based messaging to protect your client's reputation and business goals when they are at risk because of a crisis or legal situation.  


  Our senior communications consultants have been inside the courtroom working on high-stakes, high-profile issues for decades
and they work in tandem with our trial consultants to formulate themes that mitigate the adverse impact of extenuating events. We know that what happens outside the courtroom before, during and after litigation can significantly impact your ability to effectively litigate. Therefore, CSI provides the full range of crisis management and litigation communications services to complement your legal strategy.

Strategic crisis planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning includes thinking through possible crisis scenarios and developing effective messaging. Our senior communications counselors typically work as part of the legal team, helping to ensure your clients are protected by attorney-client  privilege.


Crisis Preparedness

CSI works with your clients to develop actionable crisis plans, including risk assessments, scenario planning, message development, spokesperson preparation, and effective social media policies. In coordination with the management team and other key personnel, crisis scenarios are identified, and draft response materials are created to help a company frame and deliver an effective narrative during an actual crisis. 


Risk Assessment

CSI will review the policies that govern employee conduct and  procedures that guide your client’s crisis response  to identify how they might be vulnerable to a crisis before it happens. 

Media Relations

CSI provides the full range of media relations services, including messaging, spokesperson training and support,  spokesmanship, and development of media materials and outreach, including backgrounders, whitepapers,  litigation websites, and social media strategies.


Dealing with the Media

We help shape the narrative and use media strategies to tell your client’s side of the story. Different from PR, the  goal is to limit the lifespan of the story and, where appropriate, to align with litigation strategy. CSI is a pioneer in  the jury consulting industry and we have adapted our psychology-based techniques to create messaging that will  resonate in a crisis situation.


Engaging with Stakeholders

Customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and others can be misinformed through social media and other rumor sources. CSI  helps you to keep your client’s stakeholders informed of the facts.  


Media Spokesperson Training

In crisis situations, business leaders are often thrust into the media spokesperson role. We help your client’s  representative become an effective “face” of the organization, delivering key messages and critical information,  while also conveying the organization’s values  and commitments. 

Media relations
Crisis management team to guide and assist your response

Crisis Management

A crisis event often precipitates a legal  challenge, whether it’s litigation, government  investigations, and/or regulatory action. How  your client responds to the initial crisis will set  the tone for everything that follows. Your client’s  best response requires experienced crisis  communication counselors who see the broader  situation, understand the fast-paced flow of  events, and can help your client respond quickly  – and strategically – so they can achieve their  ultimate objective. 

Rapid Response Team

A senior team with experience in high-stakes,  high-profile situations  s prepared to work  on-site with you and your client to support your  client’s legal and communications teams. 

Crisis Simulations

Our team can work with designated client  representatives to brainstorm and develop  potential crisis scenarios and prepare training  simulations to mimic an actual crisis.  Participants, often including outside counsel,  work as part of a team to craft key messages,  prepare their response, and designate team  members  to act as spokespersons. CSI clients  find these simulations to be extraordinarily  valuable to the management team because  they’re better prepared to leverage the full  resources of the organization in the event of an  actual crisis.

Critical Communications Highlights


Our crisis and litigation communications teams include Ph.D.s in psychology as well as seasoned trial consultants and communications professionals. 


Our cross-functional teams work in tandem to ensure synergy in the strategic, tactical and legal plans for each client.


When engaging CSI’s Critical Communications team, companies are assured all client communications remain privileged and confidential, from media planning to trial.